duminică, 28 octombrie 2007

Why Azman is not Bango (de ce azman nu este bango)?

A little explanation for visitors from outside Romania.
Azman is one of the short faced Anatolian breeds. They do not exist outside of the city of Denizli. Their numbers have been in a speedy decline since the 80’s. Today they are considered to be one of the rare breeds in Turkey. A few fanciers try to protect the breed and its qualities. ..................................... The main reason for the decline of the numbers in this breed is known to be the purchases made out of İstanbul for its use on the Genetic work that has taken place on the creation of the İstanbul Bango for many years to utilize its short and wide beak structure. However, it is not possible to run into this breed in Istanbul today. On top of this, when the İstanbul Bango became so popular in Denizli the last 20-25 years, this created the greatest danger for the Azman breed, which is know in the rest of the country as the Denizli Bango. It might be a good prediction to say today's sad situation for the breed has generated the result of the fanciers of Denizli taking ownership of the breed.
The address of this [...] article is here: http://www.turkishtumblers.com/azman.htm Few pictures from Tanasescu: For more informations about turkey breeds : http://www.guvercinbirligi.com/Irklar.htm and photos: http://www.guvercinbirligi.com/fotograflar.htm

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