duminică, 9 martie 2008

Tumblers and Rollers

For romanian breeders, all tumblers and rollers are just "players". In romanian language "player=jucator". No distinction between tumblers and rollers, and they put together both types of pigeons. We had no documentations about these categories of "play". And this explain actual situation with Galatzi Roller. We had in the past a great roller, Double Crested Calarasi Roller. And this was mixed with Double Crested Ardeal Tumbler. Big mistake! Today is hard to find a good rolling Double Crested Calarasi Roller.

If you go on this romanian site where you can find descriptions for romanian pigeon breeds you will see "Jucator" but some of them are tumblers and a few are rollers. And today we have only few good rollers because of this lack of information. And this is very, very bad!


And this is not the entire problem. Tumblers and Rollers are put together in competitions! Because they are all "players".

Double Crested Calarasi Roller, owner Adrian Nistor. You can see more here

Double Crested Ardeal Tumbler, owner Nicolas Girard . You can see more here

Tumbleri de Lausitz - film facut de Nicolas.

This is a tumbler - movie made by Nicolas Girard.

Un porumbel moriscar (roller).

This is a roller.